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Mer Germany teams up with McDonald's Austria

Together with Mer Germany, one of the world's largest restaurants McDonald's sets the new environmental and energy standards for its restaurants in Austria. And the ambition is clear: by the end of 2023 all restaurants with parking spaces in Austria will be equipped with charging stations for EVs provided and operated by Mer Germany.

Mer x McDonald's Austria

Mer Germany, backed by Statkraft - Europe's largest producer of renewable energy, will start the installation of charging stations on McDonald's restaurants in Austria immediately. The first ten 150kWh Alpitronic Hyperchargers with two charging points will be installed at selected locations this year. Even more powerful stations with 300 kWh are planned at high-frequency locations. By the end of 2023, all restaurants with parking spaces will be equipped with e-charging stations.

Michael Öhler

Environment and customer experience

- Electromobility will establish itself as a technology in the transport sector in the coming years. We support this development with our e-mobility strategy. For our guests, the partnership with Mer means even broader availability of our e-filling station network with particularly fast charging times and ease of use, says Michael Öhler, Director Operations at McDonald’s Austria and continues
- That means they can take a short break, enjoy a burger or cappucino and at the same time charge their car in about 15 minutes.

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Driving the energy and mobility transition

- Together with Mer, the Austrian McDonald’s restaurants will become part of a Europe-wide charging network that is driving the energy and mobility transition in Europe by combining e-mobility with the expansion of renewable energies. With the expansion of the charging infrastructure and the connection to the smart power grids, we are developing solutions for the future, adds Anton Achatz, Managing Director of Mer Germany GmbH.

"The EV market in Europe is under development - but will change drastically and fast. We are ready to take our experience within the field to new markets, and our partnership with McDonald's is an important allied to make this happen!"
— Kristoffer Thoner, CEO of Mer Group

Customer oriented expertise

- Our ambition is to become the best and most customer-oriented EV charging company in Europe. That's also why we are focusing on establish charging stations with facilites for our customers - so they can charge while doing something else. Like enjoying a meal from McDonald's in Austria, says Kristoffer Thoner, CEO of Mer Group.

- The EV market in Germany is still under development but expanding rapidly. We will now leverage our efforts going forward with the foundation of knowledge and experience from Norway paired with local expertise in Mer Germany, Thoner says.


About McDonald's Austria

McDonald’s Austria currently operates 198 restaurants and employs 9,600 people from 91 nations. At McDonald’s Austria, 95% of the restaurants are operated by 42 franchisees, most of whom are family businesses and employ up to 60 people per restaurant. Your profits, just like the profits of McDonald’s Austria, are 100 percent taxed in Austria. The system catering market leader takes its social, ecological and economic responsibility seriously and, as the largest catering partner for local agriculture, already sources around 70% of the raw materials used for its entire product range from Austria. This proportion is constantly being increased. Concrete goals are also being pursued in the area of ​​environmental protection and recycling: In addition to the continuous reduction of CO₂ emissions, waste is collected in every Austrian McDonald’s restaurant, separated and then over 90% recycled. The share of packaging made of paper and cardboard from the current 70% will be increased further this year thanks to new packaging solutions. By 2025, 100% of all guest packaging will come from renewable, recycled or certified sources. Further information on what has been achieved so far and the targets for 2025 can be found at and

About Mer

Mer is a European EV charging company owned by Statkraft, Europe’s largest renewable energy generator. Through our extensive experience within renewable energy and electric mobility, we are combining the best of both worlds to power the European shift towards a purer way of transportation.

As one of the leading system service providers for charging solutions, Mer provides not only fleet customers but also end consumers with the complete charging infrastructure for operating electric and hybrid vehicles. With a public charging network of more than 21,000 charging stations in Europe, both corporate and private customers can rely on Mer. The company is expanding its own high-performance charging network at the Tank & Rast service stations. With its know-how in the field of network-optimized charging, Mer also enables a rapid expansion of electromobility without expensive network expansion and more efficient use of renewable energies.

The services include planning, hardware, installation and operation of the charging stations as well as the provision of services via our own APPs and portals - and all of this backed by Statkraft, the largest producer of renewable energies in Europe. So Mer is following the path of the real mobility and energy transition. More information at

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